The GJS documentation is back

We have once again a set of accurate, up-to-date documentation for GJS. Find it at!

Many thanks are due to Everaldo Canuto, Patrick Griffis, and Dustin Falgout for helping get the website back online, and to Nuveo for sponsoring the hosting.

In addition, thanks to Patrick’s lead, we have a docker image if you want to run the documentation site yourself.

If you find any inaccuracies in the documentation, please report a bug at this issue tracker.


5 thoughts on “The GJS documentation is back

  1. Great. Thanks for your work. Maybe just a naive question:
    Why is there no central place for the Gnome developer documentation? It would have so many advantages…
    Do the different technical solutions differ so much, that using an other one would be an huge drawback for the developer?

    • Good question. There is a tool (g-ir-doc-tool) that generates documentation for C, JS, and Python, and could easily be extended to Vala. All this documentation could be hosted in the same place. However, g-ir-doc-tool is not very good.

      There is another solution, Hotdoc ( that I hope will make it possible to publish documentation for the whole platform in the same place. It looks promising. Here’s an example, GStreamer is already using it for their platform docs: If everything goes well, that will be what the following incarnation of this documentation looks like.

      • Thanks for your reply. I can imagine, that the different languages and versions is challenging.
        But maybe there could be also advantages, that not all commands would have to be described separately for Python, JS, C++, … . There could be a common part and a language specific part.

  2. That’s great! Although, why is searching only the “CSS” and “Javascript” documentation enabled by default and all the GNOME documentation, disabled?

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