Users’ Guide

This blog contains opinions, science, and opinions about science. The opinions are mine, the science I usually run into as part of my job as a PhD student in experimental optics at the University of Leiden. This means I hang around in a darkened room all day and play with lasers. Aside from optics, I take special interest in scientific communication and the usability of scientific software.

Some of the articles published here are supposed to be of general interest. You will find these in categories like “Essays” and “Observations.” Some are technical, delving deep into either physics or programming. These are “Rated N” for obscure subject matter and nerdity. If you’re not into that sort of thing, you can safely ignore them without missing anything (much).

Important note: I have the same name as my father. Before attributing any online opinion from a “Philip Chimento” to either one of us, please double check that you are talking about the right person.